Happy February

I am all about new beginnings so I pressed the reset button on the year.  January was just trial run for me and I am glad it is over!!

Why was January so awful?!?!  NO WRITING!!!!!  I wrote less that 5,000 words during the entire month.  The good news is my characters are beginning to whisper again.  The bad news is I need to take back my life and give those character a safe playground to explore.

Additionally, I started the 21 day fix today which should be renamed the “we are going to hurt you BAD in the first day fix”.  I did 30 minutes of total body cardo.  YAY!!!  I feel total body pain.  I am confident it will hurt to breathe when I wake up in the morning.  WOOHOO … only 20 more days to go.

Ok … I have removed the stacks of papers and junk mail from my desk.  I have an outline drafted.  I have a vision of where my story headed.  I also had a new story pop into my head this morning at work.  So, I am ready in the writing department to proceed full steam ahead.  I am nowhere near as charged about the exercise but I’ll do it.

That’s it for now.  Have the best day.


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