Sometimes you gain to win

When I started my current weight loss journey I was so rigid that I wouldn’t deviate from my eating plan what so ever.   I was walking through the process with blinders on with only the finish line and that finish line is a LONG way down the road.

I was having a conversation with one of my mentors a few months ago and he said, “It is as important to stop and smell the flowers along the path as it is to walk the path.”

WHAT?!?! It sort of made sense but not completely until this weekend …

This weekend I stepped out of my comfort zone and went away to adult summer camp. That’s right … I packed up my car, headed to Clarksville, Ohio and spent an amazing four-day weekend at Camp Throwback.  I cannot comment on any other adult camp but Camp Throwback is the most welcoming and accepting place for a first-time camper.

While preparing for camp, I decided to not stress about my eating. I knew the food was a ‘throwback to your high school’ favorites so healthy was not on the agenda.  I also have given up drinking alcohol years ago as I prefer to eat my calories as opposed to drinking them.  But, this was camp and I was determined to go with the flow and just have a good time.

I had a GREAT time. I tried all the activities … archery, arts and crafts, field day (yep, I was on my cabin’s dodgeball team), trivia night, danced until my feet hurt at the 70’s night party and even woke up early to watch hangover yoga.  Next time, I am participating in the yoga for sure.

After four fun-filled days away at summer camp, I returned home to a dog that missed me, a scale that read higher than when I departed and a body that ached from the tip of my head to the bottom of my feet. I also came home with memories I will never forget, camp friends I missed from the second I drove off campgrounds and a feeling of acceptance that far outweighs the little bit of weight I will have to work to lose again.

I can honestly say … I stopped and smelled the flowers and they smelled like bug spray, campfire, day old beer and sweaty outdoor living. I enjoyed every moment .  Thanks Camp Throwback … see you next year.

Three Thirty Three

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