Unedited snippet from In the Pursuit of Charity

swimmers-79592_1280Don’t call her. You just had dinner with her last night. Dude, don’t pick up your phone. It’s too early. Do not call her!

I push my phone to the back of my locker and shut the door. I wrap a towel around my waist and head for the showers.

Where would you go anyway? You can’t just call and not have a plan. She is a very ‘have a plan’ type of girl. Shit dude, don’t call. Captain Obvious. Let’s give her one day of spring break to chill without you calling her.

As the chlorine rinses off my body, I close my eyes and picture Alexis. My eyes pop open and I start thinking about my breast stroke. I really need to work on my form a little more. I have too much movement in my shoulders and it’s just not efficient.

Note to self, next time you imagine Alexis while in the shower, do it in your own shower at home.

Back at my locker, I retrieve my phone and stare at it. No messages.

You know you’re going to do it. Just send her the text, stupid.

Good morning. Would you like to go to the zoo with me today?

Be awake. Be awake. Say yes.

Morning. Seriously?

Yes. Do you have a problem with the zoo?

Shit. Zoo may have been a bad choice. Who doesn’t love zoos?

No. I just haven’t been since I was a kid.

What?! You need to go to the zoo with me. It’ll be fun.

Dude, chill out. You’re not trying to sell her a zoo.

Ummmmm … ok.

Score. Zoo wins.

Excellent. I’ll pick you up in 30 mins with coffee.

You should’ve opened with the coffee!! See ya.

Damn it. Always coffee.

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