Mind blowing sex!! Wait … What?!?

So, I was minding my own business one day, totally focused on my own path, when this tall, dark and handsome guy bumped into my life. By dumps in, I mean slammed head first into me.

To say I didn’t see this one coming would be a profound understatement. Having not experienced men coming on to me in such a veracious manner, I was blown off course and out of my element.

When we were near each other he had to touch me. I would get text after text detailing his desire to become intimately familiar with every one of my freckles. According to him, my lotion smelled better than any perfume he had ever smelled.

He was like none of the other men that I had chosen as he was the very first to pursue me relentlessly. I was flattered, off-balance and over stimulated by not only his presence but also the mere sound of his voice.

All of this was before we had SEX!!!

From the moment we were together, I felt incredibly sexy. There was not a second that I tried to cover my body or hide my fat. Whether it was the weight loss or the fact that he hunted me, I felt like the sexy woman in the world standing naked before him. And he rocked it hard … for hours!!! ß take it however you want to!!!

How does the song go … ‘it turned colder that’s where it ends’


There was a cold snap when he said, “Oh, there’s someone else …”

Wait … What?!?

“It’s okay, she doesn’t live here. We are going through a rough patch.”

Wait … What?!?

Next day, wedding band appears on his finger.

Wait … What?!?

“It’s okay, we aren’t really married this is just a commitment ring.”

Wait … What?!?

“It’s okay, you and I are just friends anyway right?”


Now, I am completely off my own path. I have fallin’ for someone who is basically an asshole. As if I didn’t question every interaction before this one, who knows what the ramifications are going to be of this experience.

I am working hard at keeping my self-talk positive. Now, I have to make sure that I don’t slip the protective fat suit back on to prevent this from happening again.

Time to be smarter and stronger than the dip-shits of the world.


Three Hundred Forty Nine



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