Summer 2016

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I know that this is not quite the end of summer but today’s cooler weather has me in a bit of a reflective mood. Let me begin by saying, there is only one season that this Michigan born girl tries to rush and that is WINTER. Sorry, I told myself when I started this blog I was going to limit my dirty words. Hahaha

So, this has been an eventful summer. I went to adult summer camp, participated in my first official 5k, went on writing retreat at the lake, spent mad amounts of time at the pool, attended my first BookCon as a signer and adopted another Jack Russell Terror.

There were varies other activities mixed in like hanging out at my friend/editor’s house having endless conversations about writing, marketing all while scrolling Facebook. I went to dinner with a group of CGG ladies. They were all amazing and we laughed until we had splinters in our asses from the picnic table benches we ate at. I met my family for countless meals where we all sat and stared at my niece as she entertained us with a combination of brilliance and stunning beauty. Lastly, the summer books that I read. Far less then normal as I have to be care how far I allow myself to get lost in the pages of other’s magical words while trying to spin my own.

Yes, I had a fun and full summer. Several days a week I came home from work only to change clothes and begin the second half of my day. Looking back, the only two things I would have done differently are eating better/exercise and write more.

While I could have done better in both of those areas, I refuse to beat myself up about either. I am a work in progress. I will always be working on my writing. I needed a break and I took one. After a couple of weekends back in my writing cave, I can say it was a necessary thing to do.

As for eating better and exercising more … DUH!!

Yep. I am definitely a work in progress in this area. I never claimed to have all my shit together and it sucks.

Losing 144lbs showed me two things … 1) I can do it! 2) I can gain it back FAST!

As summer slips into fall, many things in my life will change. Some I will discuss and some I probably won’t. One thing is for sure, my pants are a little tighter then they were at the beginning of the summer. On a positive note, I’ve had a hell of a summer.

Time to get back to work on my weight loss path though. After my last post, my mentor reached out to me and we have begun working together again. I will be doing a detox at the end of the week to get rid of my current state of carb addiction. It’s time for Autumn and I to start hanging out again with the 21Day Fix. It’s all a cycle and mine must begin again.

Stay tuned …


Three Hundred Forty Nine






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