I’m addicted to the Hallmark movie channel.


My name is Alexandria and I’ve hit rock bottom with my Hallmark movie channel addiction. Experts have long said owning your addiction is the first step on the road to recovery.

What does my ‘rock bottom’ look like? For those of you that don’t know, the Hallmark Channel premiers a new movies every Saturday night. Currently, they are doing wintery themed movies with a slow slide into Valentines. I’ve been waiting for last night’s movie, A Royal Winter, for over a month. I know … don’t judge.

The person, who is responsible for my addiction, was unable to watch the movie last night. Mind you, this was my reward for an entire day of writing/editing. Although I was disappointed, I recorded the movie for us to watch at a later time.

Here’s where I began to think I might have an issue …

My text this morning at 4:55am    are you ready to watch the movie now?

Her reply (she’s a very good friend for not killing me)   you are not awake go back to sleep

By 5:38am, we’re sitting in my living room with coffee and donuts starting the movie.

As with all our Hallmark movies, there was a fair amount of commentary as well as the obligatory critique as it concluded.

I admit I may have a slight problem. So, I’ve decided there will be NO Hallmark Channel for me next weekend! Harsh but it must be done.   Ok, no more 5:38am viewing sessions either.

Well, I’ve to go one of my all-time Hallmark movies is starting. JUST KIDDING!!

Time to write. Apparently, I’m releasing a book soon.

4 thoughts on “I’m addicted to the Hallmark movie channel.

  1. Beatrice Anne Dyer says:

    Just watched “Moonlight in Vermont” & Lacey has another hit on her hands… Thanks. Cant wait to see the sequel of the “All of my heart”….


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