How do you movie?



I went to the movies yesterday to see Hidden Figures. The movie was amazing. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommended it. This is not a movie review post.

The theatre I went to offered a service, new to me, of premium reclining comfy chairs that included a personal waitperson to attend to our needs before and during the movie. WHAT?!? Yes, please. I was a little grumbly when I got my ticket and saw there was assigned seating. What am I twelve?

The apprehension of assigned seating evaporated quickly once I saw the seating and our waitress greeted us with a smile and a large bag of freshly popped popcorn. She gave me a menu and walked us through the process. Picture … kid in candy store.

I ordered a BBQ chicken pizza and iced tea. Figuring it would be zapped, my expectations for the pizza were fairly low. The gourmet feast delivered to my seat was hardly toasted in a microwave. It was delicious. But, WAIT!! Halfway through the movie, the cup of Starbucks I ordered with my meal, was quietly delivered to me.

To say this was a pleasant movie experience would be an understatement. I had a marvelous time. I would have enjoyed this movie in any theatre. BUT …

I walked out of the movie saying two things; damn, that was a great film and I will only see movies at this theatre.

For a fun movie experience, I highly recommend the full-service premium seats. Fair warning … they are assigned.


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