I survived the 2017 Flu

Oh yes, there was some question during the six days in bed whether I’d make it. Those of us who suffered this ‘time erasing’ illness, there should be a pin, badge or something.

In speaking to others, one awful effect we all shared was really strange dreams. During high fever more than a few fellow flu survivors mentioned not wanting to fall back asleep. My own dreams were vivid, scary and nonstop for the four days I was in bed.

Why am I writing about my flu experience? As with everything, I identified a few silver linings. First, I found a new appreciation for my YETI cup. The insulated tumbler had been nice to have during summer camp last year. It’s the cup I turn to on weekends when I crawl into my writing cave.

BUT, this cup became a lifeline during my weeklong flu. In moments of clarity, ingesting fluids became a priority. Every time I reached for my YETI, the orange juice inside was ice cold. It may seem like a very small thing but when your throat is raw from the rib crushing coughing … ice cold anything is lovely. That damn YETI never let me down. (I’m getting a tad emotional just writing about it)

Next, the love of friends helped get me through this horrible sickness. As many know, I have two Jack Russell terrors. The last chore I could have managed was taking my dogs out. Walking to the bathroom became an energy-draining task. There are two days I just don’t remember but my dogs were well taken care of and for that I must thank my friends. There was also a popsicle run during a thunderstorm that I’ll never be able to repay.

Finally, my newfound love and adoration for a new bed that cradled me through the illness of decades. There are no words to express my newly developed bond with this bed. All doubt over this major purchased dissipated by day two of flu.

Ok. I feel as I have paid all due respect to my ‘lost week’ of illness, I am now ready to more forward. WOOHOO!!

Oh yeah, I finished the first draft of In The Pursuit Of Charity yesterday. With so much needed in editing, it’s hard to get overly excited but it is an accomplishment. The cover reveal is April 28th. I LOVE THE COVER!! Stay tuned …

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