Oh no … It’s May!


I pulled my planner out yesterday to review what was coming up this week. April 30th.  It hit me. My book is coming out in exactly two months.  What?!? How did this happen? Basically, I looked at a date and said to myself ‘oh, that’s a long time from now’ but now it’s here.

I know a lot of it is nerves. This story differs greatly from Before Him Comes Me. There’s a great deal more of me in this story than I ever intended and that’s scary. Actually, I considered not publishing In the Pursuit of Charity.  I put it in a drawer and worked on a different book.

Why did I take it out and finish it? Two reasons: Linc’s story is a prequel. Second, everything I want is on the other side of fear.


PS Yes, I use a paper planner. When I’m really good, I get stickers!

6 thoughts on “Oh no … It’s May!

  1. Christina S says:

    Love it hun..I’d be doing the same thing you are..adding stickers and forsure butterflies. Love them. I’m excited for you and the new book.

    Liked by 1 person

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