Credence Woods is LIVE!

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Credence Woods Excerpt

Gravel poked through the bottom of Kennedy’s red-bottom stilettos, one more reminder she was no longer in downtown Chicago.

Three cars today?

In the weeks Kennedy had driven past this club, there had only been two cars in the customer parking lot. The additional truck almost made her abort the mission. Kennedy squeezed the handle of her messenger bag, took a deep breath, and continued to the door of the windowless club.

“You’re in the wrong place,” a raspy voice called from the shadows ahead.

Kennedy stopped abruptly, and her knees nearly buckled when her heel shifted off a jagged rock. She squinted to see who was speaking, but the Tennessee sun prevented her from seeing anyone. She took two steps toward a door with a sign that read, “Leave your mobile phones and cameras in your buggy.”

“Wrong place. Shoe store’s down the way.”

A cloud slid across the sun, and Kennedy glimpsed a tall man leaning against the side of the old gray building. As quickly as the cloud shielded the light, it moved on, and the man disappeared once again.

“Who the hell are you talking to?”

Calm your shit, K. Take a deep breath.

He stepped forward. “You should probably head back to the city. This ain’t a place for the likes of you.”

It wasn’t just the words that hit a nerve. The smirk on his face rubbed her all kinds of wrong.

His cigarette butt hit the ground directly in front of her, but before she could verbally destroy him for tossing it so close to her shoe, he had stomped the life out of it.

With a quick wave to get the residual smoke away from her face, Kennedy shot him her best resting bitch face.

“You don’t know me.”

You are so damn fine. Of course, you’d be a complete ass.

He laughed. “I know this place, and you, darlin’, are in the wrong place.”

“Okay, great.” She took a step around the man who had put her in a bad mood in record time.

“Whatcha want here?” he asked, with the same drawl everyone had in these parts.

“Seriously. Do you analyze everyone who drives into this parking lot or‒”

“Just the ones that look out of place.”

“Wow. You’re a complete asshole, aren’t you?” Kennedy reached for the door handle.

“If being observant is equivalent to an asshole. I must have hit a bullseye with that one.”


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