New Year … Same old me.

Do you have one of those friends that get completely pumped about the pending New Year? They get their planner early. Spend hours writing goals and searching for quotes that will guide them through the new year. Well, I’m one of those people.

I did it again this year. I even spent a weekend watching YouTube videos to determine the best way to attack my days and achieve my goals. For some reason, I figured after a year of losing one hundred sixty-five pounds, I would achieve the ‘new year, new me’ I had searched for every first day of January. Sadly, the new year came roaring in and I awake to the same old me.

The alarm continues to go off in the morning and I continue to not be a morning person. The challenges of not eating sweets continues throughout the day. On the second day of the new year I picked up a Big Kit Kat and I was ready to devour it. I stopped to ask myself if eating that candy bar would get me closer to my goal of riding horses again. Guess what happened … I PUT THE CANDY BAR DOWN. Woohoo!!!  I won that battle.

Of course, the very next night I consumed a sugar plum cheese danish at my Starbucks office. Not to change the subject BUT those darn sugar plum cheese danishes are the single tastiest treat Starbucks has EVER had. It’s a perfect balance of sweet and savory. I don’t know what they do with the crust but it’s magical. Battle lost.

As for my goal of editing for ninety minutes every day … nope. That did not happen. I did edit a lot on the first day of the new year but each day I’ve edited for less minutes. To my credit, I attended an editing workshop given by the brilliant Richelle Renae on Saturday. I’m counting that toward my goal. That could be considered a stretch but I think it counts. Battle … a draw.

So, where does that leave me? What does that mean for the hours of New Year, New Me prep work? Nothing! I will continue to chip away at the same old me until I become the improved version of the same old me. I have always considered myself a work in progress and this brand spanking new year is going to be another chapter in my life book. The focus is off being the ‘new me’ and back on living every day to the best of my ability.

I still have the kickass Smart planner and I’ve committed to using it for the entire year. Each morning, I turn off the alarm and lay in bed restating my goals and visualize me achieving said goals. This turns out to be more difficult than I had anticipated.

The first morning I fell back asleep and was late to work. The second morning, I fell back asleep but managed to wake myself up after only a few moments back in dreamland. Friday morning, I figured that I better just hop out of bed without visualizing my future accomplishments and stepped in the dog pee that one of the monsters left on my bedroom floor. But, that’s an entirely different blog post for a different day.

What’s one to do when they realize they aren’t the ‘new me’ they had prepared for? Google self-care to find a list of ways to be good to one’s self. I found one with fifty-one ideas and I’m determined to master the list. I’ll let have to let you know how it goes. Can you tell I have a tendency to jump all the way in when I decide to do something? Perhaps, that’s something I should add to my planner to focus on … in the second quarter.

UPDATE: First idea of the self-care list is to paint your toenails. Really? My toe nails?!? I’ve lost weight but not that much weight. NEXT IDEA!!

new year new me nope

2 thoughts on “New Year … Same old me.

  1. thedahlingirlblog says:

    I adore you and your real talk ways. I feel you on the sugar plum danish but look at you admitting your guilt, dusting off the crumbs and continuing on your journey. You go🎉

    I look forward to finding out how you reward yourself because you deserve it. You’ve just got to find a way you like. I’ll be here to cheer you on and offer to assist with any who get in your way.

    As for 2018 I’d like to say that I thank her for all the lessons but…NEXT.

    Happy 2019 Alexandria. May it be your best year yet❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. chrisannlittle says:

    You are an inspiration!! I met you at Old Chicago this past Nano 2018, and I wish I could have gotten to know you better. Even though I didn’t win Nano, I had an amazing month absorbing writing inspiration that will last a lifetime!! You are a true inspiration, don’t worry about eating the candy bar from time to time!!! Look at your new body… you look amazing!!!


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