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Shameless Book Con … have you heard about it?!?

Shameless Book Con is an epic weekend event that includes parties, a signing event and a gala. The thing that I can’t tick off on a list is the vibe of the weekend. There are over a thousand people gathering in one hotel to discuss their love for romance novels. Some readers come alone, some bring their husbands, others spend the year chatting it up with readers they met in the Shameless FB group and a few lucky readers help the author prepare for and organize through the exciting weekend. Whomever they are and where ever they’ve come from, the minute the weekend kicks off the walls drift away and friendships are formed.

My first Shameless was overwhelming, exciting and encouraging. I was almost at my heaviest weight at four-hundred and forty-eight pounds. I couldn’t fly from my home in Michigan to Shameless in Orlando without purchasing an additional airplane ticket. (A lot of In the Pursuit of Charity is directly out of my life) So, I drove the twenty-four hours alone in my overpacked Honda. I knew one fellow Showcase author but I was on my own as she had come with her best friend. Shameless set up a ‘find a roommate’ thread earlier in the year and I signed up in a room with two readers that had never met.

The three of us hit it off!!  Tiffany won a ton of giveaways and Jennifer bounced around with excitement as we dressed for the gala. I met J. Kenner and I couldn’t breathe when she asked to purchase one of my books. FYI … she is way more amazing in person than I ever could have imagined. All the authors were helpful and friendly. The experience was so fun I committed to attend the next year’s event the day I returned to Michigan (after the 24-hour trip home).

Fast forward a year … I had weight loss surgery in February of 2018 and I couldn’t wait to get to Shameless. I was terrified for the actual time to come as I purchased plane tickets at the time of the surgery in the expectation (HOPE) that I would fit in the seat. I FIT!!  Sorry, still a very big deal for me. Pushing the fast forward button again.  This year Shameless was everything wonderful and a box of wine. Tiffany shared a room with me and agreed to be my assistant for the event. I spent time with a friend that lives in Detroit, Michigan. She hopped a plane with her good friend and attended Shameless. Drinks by the pool, 2am Voo-Doo Donuts UBER run, and hanging out at the hotel bar was way too much fun – video to prove it.

Another wonderful thing happened when I was at Shameless this year … wonderful author friendships. So much so that a small group of us came together to form a group. We added one author, Kyleigh Castronaro, that we hope to see at Shameless very soon. She’d be a great addition to the line up. Anyway, this group created a reader’s group AND are giving away SIX $200 Amazon Gift cards this year. All the sign up instructions are below.

As for me … I was a lot lighter when I attended this year. The seatbelt fit me with an extender on one airline and without on another. I danced at the Gala in a see-thru hooded dress with bright red lipstick. I had enough energy after the signing event to experience a Japanese hibachi meal. Now, I know only one bite of each course as my little stomach can’t handle all of that food at once.

Was Shameless better because I was smaller … nope. Shameless was the exact same as the year before … a ton of happy women, a few kickass men, author bonding moments, and fun parties. I was what was so different. I had the energy to get out of my room. I had the strength to get through the day’s schedule of events and still be able to walk around, participate in other activities and spend quality time with folks. I can’t wait to see how Shameless three will be after a year of working on my weight loss AND getting to know the authors and readers in the Are You All In reader’s group. I have a feeling Shameless at Disney is going to be over-the-top and I’ll be enjoying it with a thousand of my close friends.


So, if you are thinking about attending an author event … Shameless Book Con 2019.

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Shameless Book Con

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